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KYC is located approximately 2 miles north of the mouth to the Port Stanley Harbour.


The historic King George lift bridge opens every half hour until 10:30 PM.  Follow the video on our journey along the Kettle Creek to the park-like site of the Kanagio Yacht Club. 

See FAQ and Welcome Visitors sections for additional information.


Take Highway 4 south to Port Stanley then north on Carlow Road from Main Street (west of lift bridge) to club lane then east to 285 Carlow Road and the controlled entrance gate.  Press the speaker button on gate access pad to access club executive or member and the grounds.

  • Telephone  -  1 (519) 782-9901

  • Electronic Mail —

  • General Information

  • Reservations (transient) -



Yes, you guessed it! Kanagio is an Indigenous name from the Oneida Band and it means “Kettle” in English.  The reason the name KANAGIO YACHT CLUB was chosen because the harbor is the mouth of what the Indigenous People call Kanagio Creek and Caucasians called Kettle Creek.

W.A. Childs and a few of the boys formed the Club in 1933.  This was established only for the wealthy, with a total membership of 30 and was a sailing club. The first clubhouse was established in 1934 at the end of Main Street.  During the ’30s the Club moved 3 times to new locations.  In the 1950s the club moved to Stan’s Marina, with the boats anchored in the middle of the creek and a dingy was used to get back and forth.  The next and final move to our present location took place in 1968 to land rented from the Ultramar Oil Company. The land was purchased by the club in 1987.  The clubhouse underwent renovation in 1995/1996 and to this day looks great.  A storage garage, gazebo, and improved launching well have also been added over time to the facility.

The Kanagio Yacht Club (KYC) is considered a “self-help club” and is one of the best-kept secrets on the north shore of Lake Erie.  We have 62 Active Members, along with Associate Members, and Honorary Members.  We welcome new members, as well as those traveling boats looking for a short term stay at a safe harbor.  History provided by member Ella Kyle.

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