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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our Web Site. 

If you find that your question(s) are not answered please email us at

  • Where is the Kanagio Yacht Club?

KYC is located at municipal address 285 Carlow Road, Port Stanley, Ontario

(Central Elgin) Lat: 42° 39.320   Long: 081° 12.742— the mouth of the harbor.

  • What size of boat can the club handle?

Power and Sailboats of less than 40’, with a beam of 14.5’ or less and a draft

of 4’ or less can be accommodated at the club.  We provide one 30 AMP hydro service and municipal water.


  • How many boats?

We have 62 individual slips, plus a well for lifting and fuelling member boats.


  • Where are the docks?

Located on the west bank of the Kettle Creek, we are well protected from the waves of Lake Erie.  Parking and the clubhouse are located on land in a park-like setting, with each dock having its own dock box, picnic area, and 30’ long finger dock.


  • What facilities does the club have?

The clubhouse has a large common area used for club functions and meetings.  There is a corner gas fireplace with a comfortable sitting area with TV, a well-equipped kitchen, washrooms, showers, and separate laundry facilities.  In front of the clubhouse overlooking the Kettle Creek is a large outdoor patio.  We have a separate storage garage for our tractors and “Honey Sucker” for pumping out member boats.  We have our own travel lift capable of lifting up to 15 tons, and boats up to 14’6” beam.  We have our own gas fuelling facilities.  We do not have a restaurant or licensed bar.

  • Do I have to work at the club?

We are a true self-help club, basically bringing in outside help only for those jobs which members are not capable of performing.  Each member is asked to perform 15 hours of work, or pay up to $600 per year.

  • What do I get in general terms for my membership?

With our own equipment, members are provided with lift-in and lift-out by member travel lift operators at no charge. You can pump out your boat at no charge.  We have on-site winter storage for one boat included in your annual dues.  Summer storage for blocking and stands and trailer on site.  Several club functions throughout the year and a bunch of great new friends.


  • What kind of yard security exists at the club?

We have an electronically controlled front entrance gate which is closed during the day and night.  The entrance gate is always closed. A gate pass is necessary to enter the club facilities and is available only to club members.  There is a man gate adjacent to the entrance, which is opened by a passcode, which can be made available to registered guests.


  • Are there telephones available for use at the club and is Wi-Fi provided?

The club has a house phone available for use in the main lobby and Wi-Fi is available to members.


  • What kind of parking arrangements exist at the club?

Parking is provided in the main parking lot for members and guests.  Member parking is specified adjacent to the park-like grassed area, close to the docks, while guest parking is located primarily adjacent to the storage garage.


  • What are the dress code and etiquette at the club?

Members are asked to be appropriately dressed at all times. Shoes and a shirt are mandatory in the clubhouse.


  • Are guests permitted at the club?

The club's guest policy states that a member in good standing is entitled to bring guests to the club, however, must be present at all times while the guest is present.  Guests arriving by boat must sign in and are subject to all of the rules and regulations of a club member.


  • Does the club monitor the VHF radio?

The Club does not monitor VHF Radio

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